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VisionDB – Dispensing Features

Powerful Tools making stock management simple

The VisionDB dispensing tools help to simplify your handling of stock and finance management.  Many Optician practices do not have the time manage financial incomings and outgoings and VisionDB aims to bridge this problem by producing high quality reports detailing all transactions, outstanding balances, payment  methods and more.

Software for Opticians - VisionDB

Prescription History

Prescription History –  With the VisionDB dispensing module, you will be able to access all the prescription history of any patient.  Information is accessible through our clean and simple interface.

Software for Opticians - VisionDB

Contact Lens History

Contact Lens Prescription History –  Just like prescription history, our dispensing module also monitors the history of contact lens prescriptions.

Software for Opticians - VisionDB

Stock Inventory

Stock Inventory –  Manage stock levels and value of assets using our effective stock management system.  View reports for the history of purchases for individual patients or for the whole company

Software for Opticians - VisionDB

Business Intelligence

See what your practice is achieving using our in depth reports.  Monitor all activities that happen through your business through a few clicks

Software for Opticians - VisionDB

VAT Handling

Every Opticians nightmare. Our VAT reports have been developed with Opticians and we capture all the relevant information that you need to pass onto your accountant and HRMC.

More VisionDB Features

Reception Consultation Administration

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VisionDB - Optic Optician Practice Management Software - Prescription History, Contact Lens History, Stock Inventory
Brand: VisionDB
Manufacturer: Click Software Limited
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