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VisionDB FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ: What’s so special about VisionDB?

Vision DB - Opticians Practice Management Software - FAQ

VisionDB Opticians Practice Management Software gives you three main essentials in one easy-to-operate package – medical data, accounting and customer support. Most other systems are dedicated to just one, requiring you to buy additional software – more licences, more training, more management time – every time you want to add functionality.

FAQ: Are we better off managing our business data in-house?

VisionDB Opticians Software is an online solution with 24/7 access to the latest release so you can log in from anywhere and work smarter. You’ll no longer need your own infrastructure hardware and software with all their repair/replacement, support and upgrade issues.

FAQ: How secure is my data

Your data will be backed up regularly and stored in multi-site data centres. In the unlikely event of failure, access will be switched to another data centre with no obvious break in service. No need to worry about data loss or corruption through local hard disk failure, or running your own back up procedures.

FAQ: What day-to-day support is available?

Your monthly subscription includes full support during office hours, Monday to Friday. And we’ll be adding free online ‘How to’ features and advice to the VisionDB website.

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