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VisionDB – Consultation Features

Information at a click, results in an instant

Our Consultation features gives opticians all the tools that you need on the go.  Our package gives you the ability to access your data anywhere, anytime or any device.  You are no longer limited to working from your practice.  Unlike other applications, you do not need to install any additional software and you do not pay extra for the features.

You get all the features in our monthly package fee

Software for Opticians - VisionDB

Patient Record Card

Patient Record Card –  All the data for a patient at the click of a button.  Turn your paper cards into high quality printable forms

Software for Opticians - VisionDB

Consultation Notes

Notes – Have all the notes you need when you need wherever you need it

Software for Opticians - VisionDB

Access Data Anywhere

Do you provide domicillary care? Always have your data to hand and update on the go. No more updating data when you get back to the office

Software for Opticians - VisionDB

Upload Archive Data

Need to store old data? Attach patient data to patient files either via scanning or taking a picture. Store any major file type e.g. .jpg .png etc

Opticians Software drawing tool

Drawing Tool

Need to make notes by drawing? Use our drawing tool which works on desktops and touch screens. Works on all leading platforms.

More VisionDB Features

Reception Dispensing Administration

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VisionDB Optician Optic Practice Management Software - Patient Records, Consultation Notes, Knowledge Base
Brand: VisionDB
Manufacturer: Click Software Limited
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